Let’s talk about the players of Combination Pai Gow Poker first

In playing the game, it’s important to remember the basic principle that the bottom hand should always be stronger. So, when you cannot match your cards, it’s best to put the second highest two cards in your upper hand. If you have one pair, never break it, instead, put them in your lower hand and the highest two cards in the upper hand. For two pairs, put the bigger pair in the lower hand and the weaker pair in the upper hand.
For three pairs, place the largest pair in the upper hand and the remaining two pairs in the lower hand. If you have threes of a kind, place them in the lower hand unless you have three Aces, then combine a pair of Aces in the lower hand with an A-level card in the upper hand. For triple and a pair, place the triple in the lower hand and the pair in the upper hand. If you have a full house and a pair, put the highest pair in the upper hand.
If you can generate a straight or flush, it’s best to put the top two cards in the upper hand. For four of a kind, if it’s just a 5 of diamonds or lower, play it directly, but if it’s higher than a 5, you can split it into two pairs unless the cards in your hand can also form a top hand of A or K level high cards. For four Aces, place a pair of Aces in the top hand unless there is another pair in the top hand. Finally, for five aces, place three in the lower hand and two in the upper hand. With these strategies in mind, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Finally, there is the splitting (HouseWay) or automatic splitting (HighWay)

Casino card splitting allows you to utilize an automated program that combines the best five-card and two-card players for you, both for yourself and the dealer. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach and want to split the cards manually, there are some important factors to consider. While there is no perfect strategy that can guarantee you a win or dramatically reduce the casino’s odds, following a few key tips can go a long way. Whether you prefer automation or taking control, card splitting is a vital aspect of any successful casino strategy.

Pai Gow Strategies and Tips

Pai Gow, despite sharing some similarities with traditional poker, requires a completely different game strategy. Unlike in poker, there’s no bluffing or raising involved. There’s no need to deceive or read other players. Below are some strategies for playing the game that are both obvious and subtle.

Build Your Hand

Pai Gow Poker is an exciting game where players must construct their hands with a 5-card hand stronger than their 2-card hand. The responsibility of constructing the cards is primarily on the players. However, if you feel disoriented or clueless, the dealer can offer a helping hand. Even though it’s advisable to seek assistance, you can go it alone if you’re confident in your skills. Keep in mind that when constructing your cards, you should prioritize the strength of your 2-card hand. A helpful tip is to split up a full house and use the pair for your 2-card hand and the remaining three for your lower hand. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to winning big at Pai Gow Poker!

Take charge

Are you a fan of Pai Gow in real-life casinos? Did you know that you have the chance to take a turn at being the banker, competing against all other players and placing your bets? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Make sure you have enough gambling funds prepared in advance to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Being the banker in Pai Gow has its perks – for instance, if the dealer and player both have the same hand, the banker wins. Imagine a scenario where the player draws aaKk228 and the dealer draws aa99945 – the dealer would win because they have the highest pair (aa) and tie their previous hand. If the situation is reversed, all bets are returned to the players, as it’s typically the dealer’s top hand that results in a tie. So, take the plunge and sit on the banker’s chair – who knows, you could strike it big!

Pai Gow placement techniques – the sure-fire way to win Pai Gow


At Pai Gow, players must not only remember big names such as heaven and earth cards, but also all the sixteen cards played in the upper hand. After the first draw, sixteen cards will be left on the table. To increase your chances of winning, try to integrate other players’ cards in the lower hand and then add the dealer’s cards to the table. Accurate guessing will give you an edge in the game, so sharpen your memory and start playing!

“High card” “Low card”

As soon as the player receives four cards, they need to split them into two hands comprising two cards each. The “back card” or “high card” is assigned to the bigger hand while the “front card” or “low card” goes to the smaller one. These two cards, high and low, must then be joined together to make the most valuable card possible. In Pai Gow, the stronger the combined card, the better the odds of emerging victorious.

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