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Our fishing table games are simple and addictive

If you prefer to play some casual fishing games and get hooked on, then you have come to the right place. With a variety of fishing table games, you can choose the one that suits you best. Our Fish Games / Shooting Games are a great way to relax and entertain yourself while learning how to play.

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General rules for online fishing table games

Online fishing table games, also known as fish shooting games or fish hunter games, are arcade-style casino games where players aim to shoot and catch different types of virtual fish to earn points and prizes. Here are the general rules for online fishing table games:
  • Objective: The objective of the game is to shoot and catch as many fish as possible to accumulate points and win rewards.
  • Gameplay: Players control a virtual cannon or weapon on the screen, usually with a mouse or touchscreen controls. The cannon emits bullets that are used to shoot at the fish swimming around on the screen.
  • Fish Types and Values: Different fish have different point values assigned to them. Typically, smaller and more common fish have lower point values, while larger or rarer fish carry higher point values. There may also be special fish or boss characters with unique abilities and higher point rewards.
  • Betting and Wagering: Before starting the game, players usually place a bet or buy credits to use for shooting the fish. The size of the bet or credit determines the potential payout for successful catches.
  • Shooting and Catching: Players aim their cannon at the fish they want to shoot and click or tap to fire bullets. The bullets travel across the screen, and if they hit a fish, the fish is caught, and the player earns points based on the fish’s value.
  • Time Limit: Online fishing table games typically have a time limit for each round. Within the allocated time, players try to shoot as many fish as possible to maximize their score.
  • Bonus Items and Power-ups: During gameplay, players may encounter bonus items or power-ups that provide advantages. These can include increased firepower, rapid-fire mode, bombs that explode and catch multiple fish, or special weapons that target specific fish.
  • Multiplayer Competition: Some online fishing table games allow multiple players to participate simultaneously. Players can compete with each other to see who can accumulate the highest score within a given time or reach certain milestones first.
  • Payouts and Prizes: At the end of the game or when the time limit expires, players receive payouts based on their accumulated points. The payouts can be in the form of game credits, virtual currency, or prizes that can be exchanged for real-world value.

Fish types and values at online fish shooting games

The fish types and their corresponding values can vary depending on the specific online fish shooting game you are playing. Typical point values that are commonly found in these games:

  • Small Fish: These are usually small and common fish with lower point values. Examples may include clownfish, goldfish, or small tropical fish. They typically have point values ranging from 2 to 10 points.
  • Medium Fish: Medium-sized fish are slightly larger and less common than small fish. They often have higher point values. Examples may include angelfish, pufferfish, or lionfish. Their point values can range from 10 to 30 points.
  • Large Fish: Larger fish are rarer and offer higher point values. They can be more challenging to catch due to their size and movements. Examples may include groupers, swordfish, or marlins. Their point values can range from 30 to 100 points.
  • Boss Characters: Some fish shooting games feature boss characters or special fish with unique abilities and higher point rewards. These bosses may have distinctive appearances, larger sizes, or special powers. They often offer significant point rewards ranging from 100 to 500 points or more.

It’s important to remember that these are general categories, and the specific fish types and their corresponding point values can vary from game to game. Additionally, different games may introduce variations or special fish that deviate from the standard categories mentioned above.

Fishing games are one of the most popular table games in ph646

Fishing is one of the most popular table games in ph646 casinos. The game is easy to play, fun and entertaining for all ages. The rules for these games are simple and can be learned quickly, but your chances of winning are always exciting. Depending on how much you wager, you can gain or lose money quickly and easily.