Use the odds of winning, drawing and losing to figure out the relationship between winning and losing

The famous European betting company William Hill has provided three odds for the same match, which are the odds of winning, losing, and drawing. Take the example of the match between Reggina and Brescia; William Hill offered odds of 2.10 for Reggina’s victory, 2.80 for a draw, and 3.40 for Brescia’s victory, which allows punters to bet on any outcome. If the bet is 1 yuan, the investor who bets on Reggina’s victory can earn 2.10 yuan if they win, the bettor who bets on the tie can earn 2.80 yuan if it’s a draw, and the investor who bets on Brescia’s victory can win 3.40 yuan if they are successful. From this, we can tell that odds reflect the likelihood of a specific outcome, and the smaller the value, the higher the possibility. Based on the odds, we can infer that Reggina has a better chance of winning or drawing in this particular game.

Determine the approximate number of goals scored using the odds

BoChou has different odds for different scores in a game, and this is illustrated in the betting company’s odds for the match between Reggina and Brescia. Reggina’s odds for winning or drawing are as follows: 7 for 1:0, 9 for 2:0, 10 for 2:1, 25 for 3:0, 23 for 3:1, 28 for 3:2, 61 for 4:0, 51 for 4:1, 61 for 4:2, and 91 for 4:3. Meanwhile, the odds for a 0:0 draw are 6, 5.5 for 1:1, 18 for 2:2, 71 for 3:3, and 201 for 4:4.

Reggina is expected to win against Brescia, with odds of 8 for 1:0, 14 for 2:0, 13 for 2:1, 43 for 3:0 and 3:1, and 38 for 3:2. The odds for a 4:0, 4:1, 4:2, and 4:3 win for Reggina are all 101.

Based on the wave of the game’s odds, a draw with 0:0 or 1:1 scores is the most likely outcome. This implies that Reggina will score between 0-2 goals, while Brescia will score 0-1 goals. The goal range of each team can thus be determined based on these odds.

Determine the number of goals scored based on historical confrontation records

After reviewing the historical confrontation records between Reggina and Brescia, we can now predict the outcome of their upcoming game by examining the number of goals each team has scored in their previous matchups. Over the past three years, these two teams have battled five times, resulting in 2 draws and 3 losses for Reggina – who has not won against Brescia in that timeframe. Of these matches, Reggina managed only 1 draw and 1 loss on their home turf. According to William Hill’s odds, we will determine whether Reggina is likely to win or draw. Based on their past confrontations, this game is most likely to result in a draw. Therefore, Reggina’s projected 2 goals will be excluded from Bodan’s odds. We predict that both Reggina and Brescia will score between 0 and 1 goal, with a final score of either 0:0 or 1:1.

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